Training in Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

There is extensive research in the neuro-semantics world and more than 15 years of research on the Human Potential Movement. The result is a full range of training courses aimed at self-actualization and the needs of the 21st century.

You will find all the necessary ingredients for the active person in the 21st century in our training courses.

InDialogue has 13 pillars.

Company training:

Develop Leadership

Performance, Development and Transformational Coaching for Executive / Managers/employees

Tailor-made Communication, Coaching, Diversity and Leadership training

Internal Certified Meta-Coach for Managers (IGMC)

Training on request.

Public Training:

Coaching Training ACMC

Stress & Burn-Out Training

Resilience Training

NLP Practitioner Training

Master NLP Training

Coaching Essentials

Working with your Own Powers (Accessing Personal Power)


Look and Feel of of InDialogue training
Look and Feel of InDialogue training