Testimonials ​

Germaine holds impeccable skills as an International Trainer and Neuro-Semantics, the most advanced models and technology for human potential and performance. I recommend Germaine for C-Suite level individuals and companies who immediately desire real performance.

Shawn Dwyer - Managing Director of The Coaching Centre - Australia

Germaine is a passionate and dedicated leader within the International Meta-Coaching and Neuro-Semantic community. As a former president of the Meta-Coching Foundation (MCF), I have found that Germaine put in tremendous effort to create the foundation and network through the birth of the Meta-Coaching Foundation (MCF) International. I cannot emphasize enough Germaine's will and determination for any endeavor she is committed to. As a Coach and Leader, Germaine is committed to supporting men and women in their Leadership regardless of the industry they operate in. She attaches great importance to supporting and empowering women with the aim of realizing their contribution at the highest level. For this she is a respected and inspired ambassador. As a human being, Germaine's life path is characterized as an extraordinary story of courage, persistence, modesty and above all a heart for people. I have the utmost respect for Germaine, she is a very special woman to me.

Michelle Duval - Australia - CEO Equilibrio

During my participation in the Meta-Coach Training, I had regular conversations with Germaine, also during the break and lunch. Each time I got questions and comments from her that helped me improve my skills as a coach as well as my insights. I am absolutely confident that you can approach her with ease and that she is genuinely committed to train each of you to be a competent coach. If you are looking for a professional trainer / coach in Belgium, look no further and contact Germaine. I highly recommend her.

Junichiro Takano Dr. in Nanotechnology (Material Science - Material Science) - Japan

I can do more then I expected and learned more then I thought possible! Awsome. Thank you to Germaine and the Team for an amazing experience!

Reinhard Korb.

I had an experience of being Coached on my Semantic Space. That enabled me to really access information of myself wich I didn'nt have contact with before to gather the information in a semantic loaded space with awareness to achor. Great.

Kristin Langnes

I really experienced what Coaching is about. It is so good to see all this people that live what they preach and getting connected to them in the days of the course. I did some great personnal growth and could leave some matters of the past behind me.

Moniek Schraven

The more I found out about others, the more I found out about myself, the greater meaning it gave to me.


An amazing experience! So many realisations, learnings and developments. I'm pumped for the next training and inspired to continue. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Tim Lauricella

Op mijn vraag wie, vertrekkende vanuit een SWOT analyse, wou mee nadenken over de toekomst van Ijsedal kreeg ik direct een aantal aanbevelingen. Maandag 2 juli was her zover. Sin, Gerd en Germaine zakten af naar Overijse. Een dikke merci voor deze drie BNI-ers,... Ik wil toch heel speciaal Germaine bedanken. Mijn oproep betrof wie wil mee nadenken, maar Germaine heeft zowat de hele brainstormsessie begeleid. Op een rustige toch daadkrachtige manier nam je alle deelnemers mee in de opdracht. Je was geïnteresseerd, gaf waardering en leidde alles in goede banen. Bedankt! Ook bedankt voor uw telefoontje de dag nadien. Met zo'n positieve coaching kan ik alleen maar de energie halen om toch verder te proberen.

Ann De Martelaer Directeur Ijsedal.