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What is happening to you?

You have registered for coaching because you suffer from stress, exhaustion or burnout.

How did it come to this?

Anyone can work hard for a while, friction with colleagues, or tolerate stress. It goes wrong if this takes too long and there are few opportunities to catch your breath in the meantime. There should be a balance between carrying capacity (what you have to do and what costs you energy) and carrying capacity (what you can handle and what gives you energy).

This balance is disturbed in people with stress complaints.

Something costs you more energy than the energy that it produces.

Energy leaks:

Physical burden, government regulations, demands from parents, aggression and insecurity.

Energy providers:

Feedback, Coaching, Support from your environment, independence.

By restoring the balance between the energy providers and energy leaks, you will regain balance. This balance can be recovered by learning to bring work stressors down and by using more energy sources. The burden can be temporarily limited: you work less, fewer obligations, solve problems, etc.

And/or the capacity must be increased: mobilize more social support, better time management, more time for relaxation, better physical condition, etc.

You will also learn to restore personal resources such as resilience, positive thinking, self-confidence, etc.


Stress is a tension that builds up throughout the body. Stress consists of two factors. You have the stressor and the cause of stress, and on the other hand, the stress response or reaction. Stress doesn’t have to be negative. There may also be positive stress, such as just before a match or an important task. Some people perform better when they are under light pressure or stress. When stress persists for too long, it can have adverse effects on the body. Then we speak of negative stress.

Negative stress is often the result of an unpleasant situation that provokes a specific fear or resistance. So you can avoid stress by avoiding stressful situations, but that is not always possible. What is often possible is learning to deal with these situations.

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Resilience is a State !!

In life, things often don’t go as you want them to go. Your plans don’t pan out for various reasons. Your dreams don’t become reality,

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Resilience Quotes

Focus on becoming mentally tough. Actual mental toughness helps you to be more positive. Circumstances don’t define you. Model what’s important to you. Be the