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  1. Focus on becoming mentally tough. Actual mental toughness helps you to be more positive.
  2. Circumstances don’t define you.
  3. Model what’s important to you. Be the example.

By Joshua Medcalf.

  1. How you respond to adversity helps write the story of your life.
  2. Success is about being able to get back up one more time after being knocked down.
  3. Your purpose can overcome your pain.
  4. Reframe adversity and focus on solutions, not problems.
  5. It’s time to rise up!

By Ben Newman

  1. Realise the power of Self-talk. What you tell yourself matters.
  2. Negative things happen to all of us. It’s our response that makes the difference.

By Yogi Roth

  1. To get from where you are to where you want to be, you have to change your mindset.
  2. You have to move from a scarcity to an abundance mindset.
  3. Use the tools that you have. Start where you are.
  4. Stop thinking about what you don’t have. Be grateful for what you do have.
  5. Every day, be grateful for the small things. Take nothing for granted.

By Tom Gaskins

  1. Everything you do begins with the power of thought.
  2. When you can be fully aware of how you’re thinking, your life will transform.
  3. All you can ever control is your attitude and effort.

By Will Compton

  1. During adversity, we have a choice. Let it make us negative OR see it as an opportunity.
  2. When dealing with adversity, ask yourself. What can I learn from this? What can I gain?
  3. If your dream appears to be crushed, keep moving forward. Create new plans and opportunities.
  4. Often the negative circumstances of our lives can lead to the most positive.
  5. Being positive is a choice.
  6. There is greatness within you. Just choose to pursue it.

By Lewis Howes

  1. Stay with it when it’s difficult.
  2. Grit is the ability to do challenging and tedious things for an extended period.
  3. Optimism is the belief that something good is about to take place.
  4. Resilience is the ability to bounce back!
  5. When you train your mind with optimism, you’re preparing for the challenges ahead.
  6. Some people: Stop – pause – rest – OTHERS recover & reload!

By Michael Gervais

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What is happening to you? You have registered for coaching because you suffer from stress, exhaustion or burnout. How did it come to this? Anyone

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Resilience is a State !!

In life, things often don’t go as you want them to go. Your plans don’t pan out for various reasons. Your dreams don’t become reality,