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In life, things often don’t go as you want them to go. Your plans don’t pan out for various reasons. Your dreams don’t become reality, your investments don’t increase in value, your relationships aren’t as loving and supporting as you want, and your career plans experience set-backs. And what about some of the more significant problems that set us back: divorce, bankruptcy, health crisis, robbed, attacked, etc.

Now what?
What’s your attitude when you experience one or more set-backs in life? What state does that trigger in you? What coping and mastering skills are you able to access when you’ve been knocked down?
These questions explore your resilience level, your strategy for bouncing back when you suffer a set-back and get knocked down. Set-backs happen, and set-backs are pretty democratic; they happen to all people of all ages, races, religions, economic status, etc.
In my life, I’ve been most of the time challenged by life. Those adventures that I went through gave me the strength and the ability always to have a result. No matter how traumatic the experience I was going through, I always got back on my feet; I always thought, “I will be back again”.
I also learned that not everybody was like me. Some times I saw people that needed to go into therapy, people who were down and behaved as if they were out.  With their set-back, they were down and were staying down for the count. They seemed to have life sucked out of them and to be without any “bounce” inside to come back. And it wasn’t the degree or severity of the set-back. That wasn’t the determining factor.
What’s the difference between someone knocked down who gets up with determination, persistence, optimism, and a person lying down like a zombie? 
The core of resilience lies in the meanings you give to set-backs and other undesirable, unpleasant, and challenging experiences. To perform things in a resilient way, you have to interpret any and every experience with sufficient meaning so that it keeps you actualizing your highest and best resources. And, because the core of you is You – then at the heart of resilience, you have to interpret the bad thing, the set-back, the disappointment differently.
The core of the resilient strategy is what we teach in our workshops. If you want more information, please contact us. It will be our pleasure to have a free conversation with you about how the workshop can help you become resilient and happy without falling back into your old behaviours.

To your resilience!!

Germaine Rediger

Certified Neuro-Semantics Master Trainer

Certified Meta-Coach 

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