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20’ conversation about Resilience in the 21ste Century.

You want more resilience in your life!

You want to handle change effectively.

You know that change is everywhere and that new influences and factors have entered your life.

You know that skills acquisition is a must.

You know that you need to belief in yourself.

You know you need to start acting. Etc. We all want the same things. Simply having a good life, health, happiness, success, freedom and much more. Stop discounting and doubting yourself – it affects results.

You do have greatness within. If you want to talk about your Resilience – book a 20 minute conversation with Germaine to talk about Resilience in your daily life. 

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GermaineNLP & Neuro-Semantic Master Trainer.

Certfied Stress/ Burn-Out/ Resilience Coach.

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What is happening to you? You have registered for coaching because you suffer from stress, exhaustion or burnout. How did it come to this? Anyone

InDialogue - Resilience Coaching

Resilience is a State !!

In life, things often don’t go as you want them to go. Your plans don’t pan out for various reasons. Your dreams don’t become reality,

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Resilience Quotes

Focus on becoming mentally tough. Actual mental toughness helps you to be more positive. Circumstances don’t define you. Model what’s important to you. Be the