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“Organizations are no longer built on force, but increasingly on trust. On understanding one another.”

Peter Drucker

Why meaning at work?

“In the end, it is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.”

Jim Collins, Good to Great

An Organizations only exists in the head of their employees

“What folly to think of developing the learning capacities of organizations independent from the learning capabilities of the individuals within them.”

Peter Senge

The need to know people from the inside out.

““If you’re not thinking all the time about making each person more valuable you don’t have a chance. What’s the alternative? Wasted minds? Uninvolved people? A labor force that’s angry or bored? That doesn’t make sense.””

Jack Welch, CEO General Electric

How can we fully tap into human potential present in an organization?

“One way of getting answers about what makes an organization an exciting, vibrant, and satisfying place to work is by looking at what makes for a well functioning individual. Under what conditions does a person feel most alive? “

De Vries

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What is happening to you? You have registered for coaching because you suffer from stress, exhaustion or burnout. How did it come to this? Anyone

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Resilience is a State !!

In life, things often don’t go as you want them to go. Your plans don’t pan out for various reasons. Your dreams don’t become reality,

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Resilience Quotes

Focus on becoming mentally tough. Actual mental toughness helps you to be more positive. Circumstances don’t define you. Model what’s important to you. Be the