Identity Compass® Profile

Why using a Profiling System?

Nowadays, forced by globalisation, Corona 19 and the enormous pressure to reduce costs, new instruments are being searched to reduce personnel costs. After setting free personnel in order to do so, there is now even a lack of personnel in some areas. Thus, the quality of the employees is a more and more growing criterion for success.
With this background, the utilisation of personality profiles for suitability diagnoses gains importance. The investments to find suitable and qualities employees are too kept low and effective right from the start. To avoid spilling money, there is the need of a precise analysis with valid results for the applicant and the job gap to be filled. The Identity Compass® finds this optimal relation.
What is unique on the Identity Compass?
Instead of measuring 3-4 factors and ascribe to each of them a certain number of attributes, the Identity Compass measures such attributes directly and achieves thereby a precision unknown before. Identity Compass profiles are much easier to be interpreted, as one simply concentrates on a single attribute.
The Identity Compass delivers a unique specific and precise panorama of personality. Even though people recognise themselves at ca. 90 – 100 % in their profiles. This is to be evaluated highly, since no nebulous statements are met here, only separate completely concrete statements about thinking and acting in the vocational everyday life.

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