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We stand for Intelligent Meaningful Conversations in the workplace.

We support companies in their task for growth, both for the Company and their people’s development.

Today it is no longer enough to have the right technical skills necessary to do the job. More is needed, and Companies are facing this. Companies need people who come with a complete package.

It is mainly in the “People Skills” that people have to develop further. Today with modern technology and the new way of communicating, “Soft Skills” are needed more than ever. Communication, engaging people, staff retention, health, stress, and burnout are typical problems that InDialogue can solve in partnership with you.

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Our Services

Are for those who want to gain more depth in Coaching & Leadership—those of you who wish to Master Stress – Burn-Out, and Resilience.
For those of you who want to make a difference in the world and for whom it is essential to learn practical and efficient communication.
To summarise, anyone wanting to become a better version of themselves through self-development at work or in your private sphere.

NLP and Neuro-Semantic Training

Know yourself, communicate better and make your life a pleasant and happy one. Leave Stress and Burn-Out at the door. Efficiently work in teams and help the people who live close to you.


A Coach for your Company: a barrel full of inspiration!

Working together with InDialogue is your guarantee for a good restart. The start-up of Coaching in your company ensures personal development, shared knowledge and transfer of skills.

Stress en Burn-out

Our program is aimed at people who want to be the best version of themselves healthy and balanced.

We do not see people with stress complaints as having “a problem”; rather, they are healthy people with a problem at work or during other moments in their life.

Master Mind Groups

A Mastermind Group consists of different people who meet at specific times (weekly or monthly) to discuss challenges and problems. They rely on each other, give advice, share resources, connections and do business with each other where appropriate. It is peer-to-peer mentoring, and each member is supported to achieve their goals through their initiatives and actions.

Identity Compass® Assessment

Finding Postion & setting Course Measuring Cultures Improving Recruitment Security Potential Analysis Career Planning 360) Feedback eRecruiting Motivation Analysis Analysis of the Working Climate

Identity Compass® Assessment System for Small and Medium Businesses

Learn why people do what they do. Learn differences between managers and leaders and what Managers and Leaders specifically need as a profile to be effective. These two roles are identified in Identity Compass.


InDialogue is een dynamisch Coaching- en Trainingbedrijf.

In België is InDialogue het eerste erkend Neuro-Semantisch Training- en Meta-Coachingbedrijf.

InDialogue is board Member van het ISNS  (International society of Neuro-Semantics) en oprichter samen met de Neuro-Semantische Trainers en Meta-Coaches van het Neuro-Semantisch Instituut in Europa.

InDialogue is een collaboratiepartner van het Meta-Coach®  Training System en verstrekker van 2 Coaching Trainingen als voorbereiding op de Internationale Certificatie als Meta-Coach® (ACMC).

InDialogue is eveneens de regionale afdeling van de Internationale Meta-coach® Foundation. De Meta-coach Federatie België is erkend als vzw en werkt onder deze aparte identiteit.

InDialogue werkt met internationaal erkend Training en Coaching materiaal. De gebruikte modellen komen vanuit de “Cognitive Behavioural Sciences”, vanuit de “Developmental Psychology” en de “Self-Actualisation Psychology”, de Neuro-Sciences, General Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Linguistics, Cybernetics en System Dynamics. Hierdoor is Neuro-Semantiek Interdisciplinair. 

Het eerste en ook het kernmodel in Neuro-Semantiek is het “Meta-States Model” ontwikkeld in 1994 door L. Michael Hall Ph.D. Als nieuwe ontwikkeling in NLP, heeft Neuro-Semantiek een nieuwe professionele en ethische dimensie gebracht die leidt tot nieuwe niveaus van ontwikkeling. 

Germaine Rediger

Meta-Coach ACMC en Master Trainer in NS/NLP

Self-Actualising Psychology

The Myths of NLP...

Myths of NLP that Dr. Hall discussed in the introduction of NLP during the Master Practitioner.

Michael Hall Phd. interview

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence and the art and science of human experience and communication. Through NLP’s unique understanding of the human mind’s potential, you have within you the most powerful resource for creating success and producing results.

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